SEDA SPRING CONFERENCE 2021 - Call for Proposals

Brighter Future - Opportunities for educational change

SEDA will be holding its Spring Conference online across 2 days on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th May 2021. This conference will provide opportunities to reflect, discuss and share lessons learned from the teaching approaches adopted during this academic year and discuss their implications, potential application and potential for further development. Some commentators argued that the 2020 crisis gave us unique opportunities to both ‘transform’ higher education and enhance our contribution to the broader society, e.g. the article by Fernando M. Reimers – ‘Universities can be midwife to an education renaissance’ (THE, 9/7/20). This event will allow us to explore how realistic these aspirations are and examine the most likely consequences of post-pandemic educational change.

This event will be of value to staff at all levels in Higher and Further Education who are involved in the enhancement of student learning, including educational and learning developers, course and programme leaders, Associate Deans and other managers of student learning, learning technologists, and staff in student services.

We are calling for proposals which address one of more of the following themes:

· What have we learned from over a year of the ‘new abnormal’ in optimising the student experience through course design and delivery; learning, teaching and assessment; staff and student support; recruitment and retention; and academic development?

· How are we applying what we have learned in these, and other areas of educational change, to the design of the University Experience for the future?

· Reimagining how we engage in educational change to ensure the most positive student experience is now more critical than ever. What will be the main parameters of what will become the expected experience of those in HE&FE? How will we help ourselves, and support each other, to navigate them successfully?

We welcome proposals which focus on one or more of these themes in any of the areas of educational development and change:

Staff and student experience

· Learner analytics and data-driven approaches to the student experience

· Staff-student partnerships

· Professional identity.

· Ethical issues/frameworks.

· Staff and student morale and ‘wellbeing’.

· Curriculum leadership and staff roles.


Curriculum development.

· Curriculum planning and development methodologies

· Blended/online distance learning.

· University-employer partnerships

· New models of curriculum delivery, such as apprenticeships.

· Programme, module and learning design.

· Course/programme assessment and feedback strategies.


Digital capabilities and technological development.

· Webconferencing

· Online assessment

· Augmented reality(AR)/Virtual reality(VR)/Mixed reality(MR)

Review and evaluation.

· Models and approaches to reviewing the teaching, learning and assessment

· Stakeholder views and follow up


We can also consider proposals which reflect the above themes and questions but which do not fit neatly in any of the categories below. If you want to discuss a potential proposal, please contact SEDA Office and they will put you in touch with a relevant member of the Conference Committee.

Research reports

In addition to the specific themes above, SEDA wishes to promote research initiatives relating to all areas of educational change and development, e.g. the changing role of educational developers; influences on curriculum change; changing identities in academic work.

Format for proposals

Long workshops at 60 or 75 minutes

Short workshop at 40 minutes

Presentation with discussion at 30 or 40 minutes

Demonstration/practical techniques session at 40 minutes

Research paper at 30 minutes (up to 20 minutes presentation)

Poster presentation (posters will be available throughout the conference and there will be opportunities to discuss them with the presenters)


In order to submit a proposal for this conference, please complete the proposal form and return to the SEDA Office by 5pm, Friday 29th January 2021


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