Services and Enterprise Committee

SEDA Sub Committee Terms of Reference
Services & Enterprise Committee Terms of Reference

The SEDA Services and Enterprise Committee exists to support SEDA’s leading role in educational development by ensuring the relevance and viability of SEDA’s membership offer. SEDA is mindful of the need for SEC not to replicate the work of other SEDA Committees: SEC must therefore liaise regularly with other sections of SEDA to ensure that any new enterprises identified and nurtured can have long-term sustainability within the organisation.

The aims of the Services and Enterprise Committee are to:

  1. Lead SEDA’s work in identifying changing needs and initiatives in the sector
  2. Ensure the services SEDA provides address the needs of its members and the wider sector
  3. Co-ordinate an attractive and value-for-money range of services to SEDA members as part of a financially viable membership offer


Elaine Fisher, University of Westminster, Co-Chair

Jaki Lilly, Anglia Ruskin University, Co-Chair Jaki.Lilly@ANGLIA.AC.UK

Nikki Anghileri, St Mary's University, Twickenham

Kath Botham, Manchester Metropolitan University

Nicholas Bowskill, University of Derby

Ruth Brown, Independent Consultant

Vicky Davies,
Ulster University

Lisa Hayes, Plymouth University

Chrissi Nerantzi
, Manchester Metropolitan University

Clare Power, University of Bath

Penny Sweasey, Manchester Metropolitan University

Mark Weyers
, Western University, Canada

Sarah Wilson-Medhurst, HE Consultant and Researcher, SEDA Fellowships Co-Ordinator

James Wisdom, Independent Consultant

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