Notes for Authors and Editors on Submitting Proposals for SEDA Papers and Specials

Proposals for SEDA Papers and Specials
SEDA publishes for staff and educational developers. It also publishes for a range of colleagues who have staff and educational development responsibilities in their work. It is particularly interested in publishing material which supports improvement in the quality of student learning.

Potential titles and and themes of Papers and Specials can be suggested to a member of the SEDA Papers Committee, or via the SEDA Office. Members of the Papers Committee will be happy to discuss potential proposals by email or over the phone. If you would like to submit formally your ideas about a new paper for consideration by the SEDA Papers Committee, the information requested below must be supplied in the initial proposalsproforma .

Refereeing of SEDA Papers and Specials
All Papers and Specials are subject to a rigorous, staged refereeing process undertaken by a committee of academics/scholars in the field of educational development. The process is as follows:

Initial Ideas Stage
Ideas are submitted to the chair or committee members by potential author(s). They are considered by members of the committee, and invitation may be offered to progress to a formal proposal using the proposalsproforma .

Form Proposal Stage
The committee referees proposals and feedback is given and amendments may be required. This process is aimed at ensuring that publications are aimed at the target audience and likely to result in a high quality book. The proposal at this stage may be refereed by members of the SEDA Executive Committee. An Advisory Editor from the referees is assigned at this stage.

Writing/Advisory Editing Stage
The Advisory Editor will take the proposal forward and work with the author to get to the final copy/formatting stage. This process provides continued refereeing with support from additional Advisory Editors from the committee as appropriate. The final version may undergo scrutiny by committee members or external referees before going to publication.


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