This course is being reviewed and is therefore not currently running

Workshop background and audience

SEDA has an established international reputation in providing high quality support and development for educational developers. Building upon the successful and highly acclaimed approaches of conferences, online award courses and residential schools we are now extending our provision with a short four week online workshop: Online Introduction to Educational Change.

The potential audience is based as much upon the role of participants as on their place within an institution (university or FE college) or organisation. We anticipate that this online workshop will have particular appeal to early career academic developers; departmental learning and teaching co-ordinators; and others such as learning support staff and those involved in substantial projects or change initiatives. The workshop will be appropriate for an international audience.

Workshop outline

This workshop has recently been re-designed to follow an ‘inquiry-based learning’ approach. Using the SEDA Values as a guiding framework, participants will explore and co-construct meaning in relation to their practice. This is done with support from everyone involved. This short collaborative event is entirely online and offers a flexible model of professional development. Throughout the workshop, participants will be working as a ‘community of inquiry’ with the agenda very much driven by the interests of those involved. Through dialogue and interaction, participants share and discuss current practice in a relational approach. The activities and resources typically generate diverse perspectives to inform thinking and offering practical ideas to support educational change. 

Practical details

This 4-week workshop will run from 1st March 2021 to 28th March 2021. It will be run online in an asynchronous mode and it will require you to be able to engage for up to seven hours a week and work as part of a learning community. The language for this workshop will be English.

To register please complete the registration form and return it to the SEDA Office by 22nd February 2021. The fee for the workshop is £299.

Workshop facilitator

Dr. Nicholas Bowskill is an active researcher and lecturer in educational research and learning technology. He currently supervises post-graduate research in his tutoring role at the University of Derby. Since 1992, he has worked at several universities. His experience, on different courses and projects, includes working in staff development units and academic departments. Over the past 20 years, he has worked at different universities including new, old and so-called ‘ancient’ institutions. Nicholas has conducted research and fieldwork in both the UK and overseas – including in China. He was also a tutor, on the MEd in eLearning in the School of Education, University of Sheffield. Nicholas has published and also presented at academic conferences on different aspects of e-learning, student induction and learning theory. He is also a reviewer for academic journals such as Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education. He has recently completed his PhD study at the University of Glasgow entitled ‘A Social Identity Approach to the use of Classroom Technologies.” This work has since been turned into a successful consultancy called Shared Thinking