The submission system has been designed so that before making your submission you must purchase an Individual or Team entry. In many cases the same individual will make both the purchase and the entry, but the system allows an institutional representative to purchase an entry on behalf of a student/staff member within their institution. The institutional representative can make multiple purchases. Once the purchase has been made the institutional representative can assign entries to individuals, who will then complete their entry. In order to be able to do this, those individuals must first have registered as users on the SEDA website. Therefore if you are an institutional representative, purchasing entries on behalf of others, you will need to ask those individuals to register as users on the website before you assign entries to them.


SPIA Summary Guidance update Dec19 2022 – this seems to replicate what is on the SPIA home page – remove?

SPIA reviewer checklist Dec19 2022 – is this for the reviewers? If so it shouldn’t be on this page

SPIA mock applications Dec19 2022 –  add some different wording, e.g. ‘to assist you with making your application you can view some mock applications here’


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