1 Hyflex pedagogies: From pandemic panacea to a permanent fixture on the higher education landscape
Nick Baker

5 Exploring student engagement with academic staff: A new toolkit
Simon Varwell

9 Defining high-quality teaching: Perceptions of students and academics
Nigel Page, Penny Burden and Sabrina Poma

12 ‘We did not get round to it this year’ – Why educational development at pace is needed for Proceed-regulated higher education
Tom Lowe

15 Looking back, looking forward: Leading educational development in UK higher education
Jackie Potter

18 Understanding the factors which support the work of faculty and centrally based academic developers in bringing about positive change
Carole Davis and Joanna Bailey

22 De-CO2-lonising the curriculum after COP26
Virendra Mistry

26 Reporting on Educational Developments, Volume 22, 2021
James Wisdom

28 SEDA News

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