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Page 1: Reflecting on the virtual learning systems – extinction or evolution? Lawrie Phipps, Dave Cormier and Mark Stiles

Page 4: Riding the elephant: thoughts on the implications of e-portfolios for staff developers Janet Strivens

Page 7: Not another strategy? Linking the Learning and Teaching and Human Resource Strategies via the development of a Professional Doctorate Helen Gale

Page 11: Trying something different: risk taking in professional development Professor Ranald Macdonald FSEDA

Page 14: Writer’s retreat: reshaping academic writing practices Rowena Murray

Page 16: Making the case for staff networks Dr Scott Gaule and Meriel Box

Page 20: Discipline-based Support for Early Career Academics: Subject Centres and the Professional Standards Framework Helen King

Page 25: Re-aligning assurance and enhancement: Quality Management at the University of Bath Gwen van der Velden

Page 28: How I write books and get them published Maxine Alterio

Page 29: Book Review Liz McKenzie

Page 32: Training the cat-herders! Transition development for newly appointed academic leaders Jacqueline Tuson

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