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Page 1: Making Good Use of Excellent Teachers: The National Teaching Fellowship Scheme Philip Frame, Margaret Johnson and Anthony Rosie

Page 5: Learning from Learners Helen Matthews

Page 8: Editorial Stephen Bostock FSEDA

Page 9: (Re)creating a Higher Education Community of Inquiry Jane Robertson

Page 12: Learning Development in Higher Education Network (LDHEN) – an Emerging Community of Practice? John Hilsdon

Page 16: Dialogues … Reflection in Action – or not David Baume FSEDA

Page 17: Towards Better Practice in the Educational Development of Part-Time Teachers Ruth Findlay-Brooks and Colin Bryson

Page 21: Online Resources on Plagiarism Deterrence and Detection Stephen Bostock FSEDA
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Page 25: ICED Council, 20 June 2004, Ottawa, Canada Ranald Macdonald FSEDA

Page 26: An Example of Discipline Based Induction and CPD in Education Warren Gilchrist

Page 27: Academic Attention Deficit Disorder (AADD): the difficulty of ‘working at home’ Mike Laycock

Page 28: “You’re live, Mr Macdonald” Ranald Macdonald FSEDA

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