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Page 1: 53 Interesting Ways in Which Colleagues Resist Change Steve Outram

Page 5: Using the SEDA-PDF to Frame Organisational and Staff Development Ruth Pilkington

Page 9: It Ain’t What You Say, it’s the Way That You Say it: an Analysis of the Language of Educational Development Dr Shân Wareing FSEDA

Page 14: Teaching Large Groups: Touring the Learning and Teaching Web Sites Graham Alsop and Lorraine Stefani FSEDA

Page 16: Active Artefacts: Representing our Knowledge of Learning and Teaching Dr Rhona Sharpe FSEDA, Helen Beetham and Dr. Andrew Ravenscroft

Page 22: Embedding Project Findings in an Institutional Context Alison Holmes

Page 25: Heads of e-Learning Forum (HELF) – a Strategic Voice for e-Learning from UK HEIs Dr Paul Brett

Page 26: Being an External Evaluator: My Experience of Evaluating EFFECTS Julie Hall

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