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Educational Developments Issue 18.4 - 2017Click here to download

Page 1: Teaching excellence - student perspectives coordinated by Peter Hartley

Page 5: Team based approaches to address TEF issues Liz Bennett and Sue Folley

Page 10: Canada's Gary Poole: On educational leadership a home and abroad Gary Poole and Alan Wright

Page 12: Seeking, hearing and acting: Staff perspectives of changes in assessment practice through TESTA Elizabeth Adamson, Brian Webster-Henderson and Mark Carver

Page 16: Interview with Rob Ward - Director Emeritus, Centre for Recording Achievement Steve Outram

Page 19: Developing lecturers to teach and support first year students and students in transition in middle and northern Europe Diane Nutt

Page 22: Implementing and evaluating a Communities of Practice model to align diverse learning and teaching styles in a transnational university James Wilson, Dawn Johnson, Jianmei Xie and Henk Huijser

Page 25: What role for educational developers in sharing learning about exemplary educational practices from teaching award schemes? Jackie Potter

Page 28: SEDA News

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