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Educational Developments Issue 17.2 - 2016Click here to download

Page 1: Supporting Higher Education in College Settings - A new SEDA PDF award Rebecca Turner with Claudine Barnes

Page 5: 'Don't put your head above the parapet': Why academics don't come for help Jo Peat

Page 8: 'Feasible utopias': one scholarly approach to developing Academic Strategy Claire Taylor and Jane Chambers

Page 11: A Noah's Ark of Education: Technology and hands- on learning in the 21st century Caroline Keep and Mark Feltham

Page 15: Three strategies for moving curriculum mapping online Patti Dyjur and Jennifer Lock

Page 19: Diversity and inclusion in higher education: Sharing experiences and best practice Claire Gordon and Anna Mountford-Zimdars

Page 22: Student collaborators in Educational Development Catherine McConnell

Page 24: What might 'lean' educational development look like? Steve Outram

Page 28: SEDA News

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