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Educational Developments Issue 16.4 - 2015Click here to download

Page 1: Reflections on the Teaching Excellence Framework Pam Parker, Elizabeth Cleaver and Yaz El-Hakim

Page 4: Bridges, fires and map-reading: Metaphor as a means of exploring academic development Colleen McKenna and Jane Hughes

Page 8: Hic sunt dracones - Here be dragons: ... Simon Paul Atkinson

Page 11: Meeting expectations: The challenge of staff development ... Karen Smith

Page 15 The ACU African administrators project Ian Willis and Brian Jennings

Page 18: Internationalisation in Higher Education: The intentions... Pollyanna Magne

Page 21: Academic development - A developers' society Chrissi Nerantzi and Peter Gossman

Page 23: What has the NSS ever done for students? Kate Little

Page 25: Can extra-curricular activities help international students create... Maria Kaparou and Ian Abbott

Page 27: Confessions of a SEDA conference interloper Gail Hall

Page 28: SEDA News

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