SEDA Legacy Awards

Posted on: Sunday 11 November 2012


The SEDA Legacy Awards will recognise outstanding contributions to SEDA and to the field of staff and educational development in the UK over the last 20 years. There are a number of awards to reflect the growth and nature of staff and educational development. There are two Award Categories:

Individual Awards
For individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to SEDA’s distinctive remit for educational and staff development.

We invite nominations for the following awards:

  • Disciplinary development
  • Leadership
  • Scholarship
  • Impact and influence
  • Contribution to SEDA as an organisation

Team Award
SEDA is all about people and the particular contribution and difference they can make in educational and staff development, whether working as individuals or in teams.

We invite nominations for our team award to recognise the group that has made a significant and sustained impact in educational development sometime during the last 20 years.

Who can apply?
The awards are open to anyone working or who has previously worked in UK Higher Education as a SEDA member or for an institution with SEDA membership. If retired, they should have been an individual member or have worked in an institution with SEDA membership up to the point of retirement. Individuals now working in non-UK institutions should be members of the relevant staff and educational development organisations/associations in their country of residence.

Applications cannot be self-nominated but must be nominated by a SEDA individual member or someone working in an institution with SEDA membership.

In the context of these awards the term staff and educational development should be considered broadly and might include practice that has enhanced and supported educational change.

Awards will be based on the extent, range and impact of nominees’ contribution to educational and staff development and not on the number of nominations received.

How to make a nomination
Submit a written case of between 1,000 and 1,500 words using the criteria listed below, Nominations should be written against the Generic and Award Specific Criteria outlined below. Nominations to be sent by email to and clearly headed as SEDA Legacy Awards.

The closing date has been extended to 28th March 2013.

Judging and Awards Presentation
Awards will be decided by a panel convened by the SEDA Co-Chair, which will include a current member and a former member of the SEDA Executive and two other individuals in influential roles within staff and educational development within the UK HE sector. The panel will include experienced SEDA members. As such, it is possible that one or more members of the panel might be nominated for an award. In this case, the panel member in question would not be present for the shortlisting and selection of that award.

The SEDA Legacy Awards Panel will short-list three nominees for each of the five individual award categories and for the team award. All short-listed nominees will be notified by 15th March 2013. The Awards will then be presented to the winners at the SEDA@20 Gala Evening in Leeds on 18th May 2013.

The Awards Criteria
The awards will be judged against the Generic and Award Specific criteria, therefore nominations should address the generic criteria and the specific criteria for the relevant Award.

The Generic Criteria require each nomination to contain evidence of:

  1. Sustained impact
  2. Recognition and esteem by colleagues in staff and educational development
  3. SEDA values demonstrated and embedded in their work
  4. Extending and challenging development practice and/or scholarship
  5. The nominee being an advocate of SEDA

The Award Specific Criteria require each individual award nomination to contain evidence of:

Disciplinary Development
  • Extensive contribution to educational development within a single discipline or cognate group of disciplines

  • Strong leadership within an educational development team
  • Effective strategic leadership for staff and educational development across an institution and/or HE sector

  • Extensive contribution to research and development within staff and educational development
  • Supporting capacity building for scholarship within staff and educational development

Impact and influence
  • A wide range of contributions within the staff and educational development field
  • UK-wide influence and impact

SEDA as an organisation
  • Extensive contribution to the organisation and running of SEDA
  • Representing SEDA within HE sector and beyond

Team Award
  • Significant and sustained impact on staff and educational development during the last 20 years
It is understood that individual members come and go, particularly in a 20 year period – this award recognises the contribution of the team as an overall entity.

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