Measuring the Impact of the UK Professional Standards Framework for Teaching and Supporting Learning

Posted on: Wednesday 15 August 2012

 In July 2012, the Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA) was commissioned by the Higher Education Academy (HEA) to conduct an evaluation of the impact of the UK Professional Standard Framework (UKPSF), reporting in March 2013.  The project will evaluate awareness, understanding and use of the UKPSF at the institutional and individual level and will provide recommendations to the HEA on fostering the use of the UKPSF and future research in this area.

The Project

The project aims to establish:

  • Current levels of awareness and understanding of the UKPSF in the sector
  • Attitudes, obstacles, challenges and opportunities in using the UKPSF
  • The uptake and variations in practice in use of the UKPSF 

It is intended that the results will form a baseline that can be used to assess changes in impact of the UKPSF in future research.

How will the aims be achieved? 

The project will consist of three components:

  1. A survey amongst key informants which will establish evidence of institutional-level use of the UKPSF.  Survey results will be used to classify use of the UKPSF and optional open-ended responses will provide outline case studies, which will be analysed to identify attitudes, obstacles, challenges and opportunities.
  2. A wider survey, involving a random sample of staff that support student learning, will establish evidence of awareness, understanding and impact on practice. This will establish individual-level awareness, attitudes and uses of the UKPSF.
  3. A series of interviews, providing more detailed accounts of uses of the UKPSF, also a more in-depth understanding of attitudes, obstacles, challenges and opportunities. These will be sampled from the responses to the surveys, picking those that represent a diversity of uses and experiences. It will result in institutional case studies, including the production of vodcasts.

What will the outputs be?

The project will deliver:

  1. A full research report
  2. Institutional case studies demonstrating a range of uses of the UKPSF
  3. Vodcasts exploring individual awareness, understanding and use of the UKPSF
  4. A set of recommendations on fostering the use of the UKPSF and future research in this area

Project Team
The project team has been drawn from the SEDA Scholarship and Research Committee and includes Nancy Turner, Dr Martin Oliver, Dr Holly Smith, Liz Shrives and Dr Frances Deepwell.  The team has breadth and depth of experience in use of the UKPSF and conducting evaluative research.  The team includes individuals who lead educational development units, develop and deliver HE teacher development programmes and institutional CPD Frameworks, conduct institutionally based evaluations, and conduct and publish research on evaluation of impact.

If you would like to be a participant in the project please contact:
Nancy Turner, Associate Dean University of the Arts London:
Martin Oliver, Institute of Education,

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