Leading Staff and Educational Development

This new SEDA-PDF named award will help colleagues who, for part or all of their time, lead staff and educational development to develop and to gain accreditation for their capabilities.

  • To assist HEIs, groups of HEIs and other agencies to provide structured support for staff to develop their capabilities and gain professional accreditation as leaders of staff and educational development.
  • To maintain and enhance the quality of staff and educational development undertaken in and around HEIs, and thereby to enhance the quality of academic practice, including teaching, supporting learning, and thus ultimately student learning.

Many more people are leading staff and educational development work, both full-time and part-time. Leadership of staff and educational development includes:

  • Contributing to institutional strategy and policy on learning and teaching
  • Leading a range of developmental projects and initiatives of various scales, both internally and externally funded. Such projects and initiatives include HEFCE-funded initiatives including CETLs, Higher Education Academy Subject Centres and projects, learning and teaching strategies and widening participation and curriculum development initiatives
  • Leading peer review; mentoring; provision of learning resources and support, including e-learning; programme and curriculum leadership and development
  • Leading quality enhancement
  • Leading postgraduate certificates in learning and teaching in higher education
  • Playing a leading role in educational development units
  • Management associated with enhancing academic practice.

Award recipients will have shown how their work is informed by the SEDA Values:

  1. Developing understanding of how people learn
  2. Practicing in ways that are scholarly, professional and ethical
  3. Working with and developing learning communities
  4. Valuing diversity and promoting inclusivity
  5. Continually reflecting on practice to develop ourselves, others and processes.

Core Development Outcomes
Award recipients will be able to:

  1. Identify their own professional development goals, directions or priorities
  2. Plan for their initial and / or continuing professional development
  3. Undertake appropriate development activities
  4. Review their development and their practice, and the relations between them

Specialist outcomes
Additionally, within their organisational and strategic contexts, award recipients will be able to:

  1. Contribute to the development and delivery of institutional strategy for educational change
  2. Identify the overall goals for the development activities and processes, and make associated plans
  3. Help development colleagues to identify local goals and to plan appropriate methods within broad organisational and strategic contexts
  4. Ensure that colleagues monitor and evaluate the agreed development process and provide appropriate support
  5. Support colleagues in identifying with the client appropriate follow-up development activity.

Named award co-ordinators
Charlotte Fregona charlf.fregona@gmail.com
A member of the International Consortium for Educational Development
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