External Examining

This is one of the SEDA-PDF named awards available through SEDA’s Professional Development Framework. It is of relevance to colleagues who have been appointed as External Examiners within a higher education context.

  • To support individuals in their professional activities and development aspirations
  • To recognise individual professional achievements
  • To advance professional practice
  • To enhance the experience of students participating in higher education
  • To encourage the development of learning communities with shared values.

This award is aimed at colleagues who are new to the role of External Examiner for taught programmes in higher education, as well as colleagues presently undertaking this role who seek formal recognition of their professional practice in this area. The award is not targeted at colleagues carrying out external examining activities in relation to research degrees. Staff carrying out external examining duties may be examining on a range of taught programmes at various higher education levels. Many examiners will be academics with a disciplinary subject base, though others will have been appointed on the basis of their professional or practice-based expertise. Thus the award recognises the diverse context within which external examiners conduct their activities and is, accordingly, targeted at a broad range of colleagues.

Award recipients will have shown how their work is informed by the SEDA Values:

  1. Developing understanding of how people learn
  2. Practicing in ways that are scholarly, professional and ethical
  3. Working with and developing learning communities
  4. Valuing diversity and promoting inclusivity
  5. Continually reflecting on practice to develop ourselves, others and processes.

Core Development Outcomes
Award recipients will be able to:

  1. Identify their own professional development goals, directions or priorities
  2. Plan for their initial and/or continuing professional development
  3. Undertake appropriate development activities
  4. Review their development and practice, and the relations between them.

Specialist Outcomes
Additionally, award recipients will be able to:

  1. Analyse the role and responsibilities of the External Examiner in terms of current issues and challenges for own professional development
  2. Apply to their external examining practice relevant national/local policy, strategy, disciplinary, professional, legal and regulatory considerations
  3. Verify that assessment practices are rigorous, fair and maintain academic standards in relation to the specified award
  4. Deliver cogent and constructive feedback, including reports addressing issues of academic standards, student achievement and assessment practice.
  5. Appraise their own professional practice development in relation to external examining drawing on a broad range of evaluative methods.
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Named award co-ordinator
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