SEDA Spring Teaching Learning and Assessment Conference 2019

Collaboration to support the student experience and progression

09 May 2019 - 10 May 2019

Location: Clayton Hotel Belfast

Day One

09.15 - 09.45 Registration and tea & coffee

09.45 - 09.50 Welcome and Introductions

09.50 - 10.10 View from SEDA including SEDA-PDF in action: experiences from an Erasmus+ project

10.10 - 11.00 Keynote - Geraldine O'Neill, Associate Professor, University College Dublin

11.00 - 11.25 Coffee Break

11.00 - 11.25 New to SEDA? Come and find out more Clara Davies and Jo Peat (SEDA Co-Chairs)

11.25 - 12.10 Parallel Session 1

  1. Digital storytelling: Hearing the student voice  Richard Beggs, Caitlin O’Dowd, Tony McGovern and Christopher Mitchell
  2. Supporting the socio-academic transition of postgraduate taught students - Students' and tutors' perspective  Namrata Rao, Zoi Nikiforidou
  3. Empowering curriculum leaders to innovate: an overview and evaluation of an Integrated Curriculum Design Framework  Roisín Curran, Colette Murphy
  4. Assessment in the Third Space: Librarians, Educational Developers and Lecturers collaborating to promote engagement with feedback  Brid Delahunt, Ann Cleary, Moira Maguire, Ann Everitt- Reynolds, Claire Fox
  5. A co-constructed curriculum: a model for implementing total institutional change in partnership with students  Harriet Dunbar-Morris, Amy Barlow, Angel Layer
  6. Employable scholars: their transition as professional educators  Vicky Davies & Sarah Floyd
  7. Transition support for direct entrants to University; welcomed or dismissed?  Julia Fotheringham

12.15 - 13.00 Parallel Session 2

  1. Assessment strategies developed by a student partnership project  Karen Fraser, Jade Currie
  2. How cross-institutional collaboration can support first year transition: evaluating a key first year initiative  Sarah Gibbons, Deirdre Murphy, Jesse Waters
  3. Compassion, identity and training for PhD students who teach  Jessica Hancock
  4. When staff are the students: engaging staff as student partners in the design of academic professional development programmes  Claire McAvinia, Pauline Rooney, Roisin Donnelly, Jen Harvey
  5. Andy – tell us a story”. Going public with literacy: Publication as an agent for change across the learning landscape Clive Palmer, Andrew Sprake
  6. Transforming Academic Tutoring: A Collaborative Work in Progress  Amanda Millmore, Dr. Joanna Cordy
  7. A critical examination of Widening Participation (WP) strategies in Further Education and Higher Education sectors in the UK  Thanda Mhlanga

13.00 - 13.50 Lunch

13.50 - 15.20 Parallel Session 3

  1. Chasing metrics: crisis, compromise or opportunity?  Karen Arm
  2. Using storytelling in learning and teaching  Julie Attenborough, Rachael-Anne Knight
  3. “I’m one of your students”: never judge a book by its cover  Judith Broadbent and Jo Peat
  4. “The Living CV has made me feel confident and aware of how my course is benefiting me” – helping students connect university learning with future work  Dawn Morley and Lisa Dibben
  5. Breaking the code: An academic literacies approach to building students’ reading and writing capability  Claire Saunders, Ben Powis
  6. Using a soft systems approach in academic development: a case study of personal tutoring  Alicia Prowse, Stephen Powell
  7. 2 x 45 minutes sessions: Supporting student transitions through student peer mentoring: Policy and Practice  John Bostock AND Presenting a CIA Toolkit (…much more inclusive than it sounds!)  Nick Botfield, Marvelle Brown

15.20 - 15.40 Break 

15.40 - 16.40 Keynote - Student Papers

16.45 - 17.30 Networking

Getting Published with SEDA James Wisdom (Chair, SEDA Educational Developments Magazine Editorial Committee)

18.00 - 18.45 SEDA AGM

19.00 Drinks Reception

19.30 Dinner

Day Two

09.00 - 09.20 Registration, tea and coffee

09.20 - 09.25 Welcome to day 2

09.25 - 10.20 Keynote - Effective cooperation between Learning Development and Academic Development: What have we learnt, where are we heading
Dr Carina Buckley SFHEA, Co-Chair of ALDinHE, Solent University and Dr David Baume, Consultant

10.20 - 10.45 Coffee Break

10.20 - 10.45 SEDA PDF

10.45 - 12.15 Parallel Session 4

  1. Operationalising Inclusive Teaching: How do we turn goodwill into meaningful and lasting good practice?  Ivan Watson, Ben Newman
  2. ‘Translating’ the NSS: Using thematic analysis of student free text to enhance assessment and feedback strategies  Deborah Rafalin
  3. Exploring the role of trust in learning, teaching and educational development. Findings from a collaborative Erasmus+ project  Eszter Simona, Gabriela Pleschová
  4. Authenticating postgraduate taught student identity through cross-level transition Initiatives  Mark F Smith, Chloe Rollings
  5. Making Groupwork Work  Lucy Yeatman
  6. 2 x 45 minutes sessions: Digital Learning in Nursing Education Carol Maxwell, Robin Ion AND A collaborative approach to staff development: integrating learning technologies  Valerie Lawrenson
  7. 2 x 45 minutes sessions: Academic reading and writing retreats for students: Using extracurricular provision to explore curricular content to enhance student learning  Chris Little, Angela Rhead AND There is light at the end of the tunnel: using metaphorical language to facilitate effective collaboration  Chris Mitchell and Ros O’Leary

12.15 - 13.05 Lunch

13.05 - 13.50 Parallel Session 5

  1. Exploring change management in collaborative approaches to widening participation in HE  Orlagh McCabe
  2. Developing Online Interprofessional Student Collaboration  Lucy Myers and Julie Attenborough
  3. Widening Access and Participation Dashboards for Data Informed Decision-Making Catherine  O’Donnell, Brian Murphy, Barbara Hunter
  4. What helps and what hinders reflective teaching? Discussing results from a collaborative Erasmus+ project  Agnes Simon, Gabriela Pleschová
  5. Learning to learn for work in practice. Illustrating the role of reviews and assessment in the development of professional skills  Laurence Pattacini, Hannah Beard
  6. Inclusive assessment. Where shall we start?  Ruth Payne

13.55 - 14.40 Parallel Session 6

  1. In search of a sense of belonging for online learners  Susie Schofield, Heather Gibson
  2. Students as partners for the enhancement of assessment strategies  Claire McGeough, Karen Fraser
  3. Understanding the development needs of graduate teaching assistants in the UK context  William Rupp
  4. Pastoral Care: The Unsung Hero(es) of Student Experience – Are They Finally Their Due? Usha Sundaram
  5. Transitions and Aspirations Kate Swinton
  6. Collaborative Retention Project: building blocks for student success  Louise Naylor

14.40 - 14.50 Coffee Break

14.50 - 15.35 Parallel Session 7

  1. The SEAs of Curriculum Transformation: Student Partners Building Student Partnerships  Dawn Albertson, Karen Angus-Cole, Rob Eaton, Briony Frost, Jo Hatt, Abby Osborne, Tamara Reid, Matthew Dawes, Luke Parr, and Alice Palmer-Ross
  2. Developing all learners through analytics: a collaborative consultative approach to professional development and support Pauline Rooney, Geraldine Gray, Lee O’Farrell
  3. The development of personnel and professional teaching in Higher Education - a frontline view of growth, institutional change and opportunity for CPD in outcome-based learning  John Temperton
  4. Playing your Cards Right: Introducing a new resource to support the development of disciplinary and professional thinking  Rebecca Thomas, Karen Clark, Joy Jarvis
  5. Developing e-communities of practice - Using YouTube as a tool for peer observation and reflective practice  Francine Warren
  6. Everybody hurts: collaborative reflection on the experience of receiving feedback as a tool to develop staff and student feedback literacy  Naomi Winstone

15.40 - 16.00 Plenary - Interactive Section

16.00 - Depart
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