SEDA Spring Teaching Learning and Assessment Conference 2019

Collaboration to support the student experience and progression

09 May 2019 - 10 May 2019

Location: Clayton Hotel Belfast

Day One

09.15 - 09.45 Registration and tea & coffee - OLYMPIC BAR

09.45 - 09.50 Welcome and Introductions - OLYMPIC 2&3

09.50 - 10.10 View from SEDA including SEDA-PDF in action: experiences from an Erasmus+ project - OLYMPIC 2&3

10.10 - 11.00 Keynote - Enhancing students experience of their programme assessment and feedback journey: Lessons from a National and Institutional Project  - OLYMPIC 2&3
Geraldine O'Neill, Associate Professor, University College Dublin

11.00 - 11.25 Coffee Break - OLYMPIC BAR

11.00 - 11.25 New to SEDA? Come and find out more Clara Davies and Jo Peat (SEDA Co-Chairs) - VENETIAN ROOM

11.25 - 12.10 Parallel Session 1

  1. Digital storytelling: Hearing the student voice  Richard Beggs, Caitlin O’Dowd, Tony McGovern and Christopher Mitchell - OLYMPIC BAR 2&3
  2. Supporting the socio-academic transition of postgraduate taught students - Students' and tutors' perspective  Namrata Rao, Zoi Nikiforidou  - TITANIC ROOM 1
  3. Empowering curriculum leaders to innovate: an overview and evaluation of an Integrated Curriculum Design Framework  Roisín Curran, Colette Murphy - TITANIC ROOM 2
  4. Assessment in the Third Space: Librarians, Educational Developers and Lecturers collaborating to promote engagement with feedback  Brid Delahunt, Ann Cleary, Moira Maguire, Ann Everitt- Reynolds, Claire Fox - OCEANIC ROOM
  5. A co-constructed curriculum: a model for implementing total institutional change in partnership with students  Harriet Dunbar-Morris, Amy Barlow, Angel Layer - OLYMPIC ROOM 1
  6. Employable scholars: their transition as professional educators  Vicky Davies & Sarah Floyd- SYRIAN ROOM
  7. Transition support for direct entrants to University; welcomed or dismissed?  Julia Fotheringham - VENETIAN ROOM

12.15 - 13.00 Parallel Session 2

  1. Assessment strategies developed by a student partnership project  Jade Currie - OLYMPIC 2&3
  2. How cross-institutional collaboration can support first year transition: evaluating a key first year initiative  Sarah Gibbons, Deirdre Murphy, Jesse Waters - TITANIC ROOM 1
  3. Compassion, identity and training for PhD students who teach  Jessica Hancock - TITANIC ROOM 2
  4. When staff are the students: engaging staff as student partners in the design of academic professional development programmes  Claire McAvinia, Pauline Rooney, Roisin Donnelly, Jen Harvey - OLYMPIC ROOM 1
  5. Andy – tell us a story”. Going public with literacy: Publication as an agent for change across the learning landscape Clive Palmer, Andrew Sprake - VENETIAN ROOM
  6. Transforming Academic Tutoring: A Collaborative Work in Progress  Amanda Millmore, Dr. Joanna Cordy - SYRIAN ROOM
  7. A critical examination of Widening Participation (WP) strategies in Further Education and Higher Education sectors in the UK  Thanda Mhlanga - OCEANIC ROOM

13.00 - 13.50 Lunch - AVENUE 22

13.50 - 15.20 Parallel Session 3

  1. Chasing metrics: crisis, compromise or opportunity?  Karen Arm - OLYMPIC ROOM 1
  2. Using storytelling in learning and teaching  Julie Attenborough, Rachael-Anne Knight - OLYMPIC 2&3
  3. “I’m one of your students”: never judge a book by its cover  Judith Broadbent and Jo Peat - TITANIC ROOM 1
  4. “The Living CV has made me feel confident and aware of how my course is benefiting me” – helping students connect university learning with future work  Dawn Morley and Lisa Dibben - SYRIAN ROOM
  5. Breaking the code: An academic literacies approach to building students’ reading and writing capability  Claire Saunders, Ben Powis - OCEANIC ROOM
  6. Using a soft systems approach in academic development: a case study of personal tutoring  Alicia Prowse, Stephen Powell - VENETIAN ROOM
  7. 2 x 45 minutes sessions: Supporting student transitions through student peer mentoring: Policy and Practice  John Bostock AND Presenting a CIA Toolkit (…much more inclusive than it sounds!)  Nick Botfield - TITANIC ROOM 2

15.20 - 15.40 Break - OLYMPIC BAR

15.40 - 16.40 Keynote - Student Papers - OLYMPIC 2&3

16.45 - 17.30 Networking

Getting Published with SEDA James Wisdom (Chair, SEDA Educational Developments Magazine Editorial Committee) - VENETIAN ROOM

18.00 - 18.45 SEDA AGM - SYRIAN ROOM

19.00 Drinks Reception - OLYMPIC BAR

19.30 Dinner - OLYMPIC 2&3

Day Two

09.00 - 09.20 Registration, tea and coffee - OLYMPIC BAR

09.20 - 09.25 Welcome to day 2 - OLYMPIC 2&3

09.25 - 10.20 Keynote - Effective cooperation between Learning Development and Academic Development: What have we learnt, where are we heading  - OLYMPIC 2&3
Dr Carina Buckley SFHEA, Co-Chair of ALDinHE, Solent University and Dr David Baume, Consultant

10.20 - 10.45 Coffee Break - OLYMPIC BAR

10.20 - 10.45 SEDA PDF  Roisin Curran and Ruth Pilkington (SEDA PDF Committee members) - VENETIAN ROOM

10.45 - 12.15 Parallel Session 4

  1. Operationalising Inclusive Teaching: How do we turn goodwill into meaningful and lasting good practice?  Ivan Newman, Ben Watson - OLYMPIC 2&3
  2. ‘Translating’ the NSS: Using thematic analysis of student free text to enhance assessment and feedback strategies  Deborah Rafalin - OLYMPIC ROOM 1
  3. Exploring the role of trust in learning, teaching and educational development. Findings from a collaborative Erasmus+ project  Eszter Simon, Gabriela Pleschová - VENETIAN ROOM
  4. Authenticating postgraduate taught student identity through cross-level transition Initiatives  Mark F Smith, Chloe Rollings - OCEANIC ROOM
  5. Making Groupwork Work  Lucy Yeatman - SYRIAN ROOM
  6. 2 x 45 minutes sessions: Digital Learning in Nursing Education Carol Maxwell, Robin Ion AND A collaborative approach to staff development: integrating learning technologies  Valerie Lawrenson - TITANIC ROOM 1
  7. 2 x 45 minutes sessions: Academic reading and writing retreats for students: Using extracurricular provision to explore curricular content to enhance student learning  Chris Little, Angela Rhead AND There is light at the end of the tunnel: using metaphorical language to facilitate effective collaboration  Chris Mitchell and Ros O’Leary - TITANIC ROOM 2

12.15 - 13.05 Lunch - AVENUE 22

13.05 - 13.50 Parallel Session 5

  1. Exploring change management in collaborative approaches to widening participation in HE  Orlagh McCabe - TITANIC ROOM 1
  2. Developing Online Interprofessional Student Collaboration  Lucy Myers and Julie Attenborough - TITANIC ROOM 2
  3. Widening Access and Participation Dashboards for Data Informed Decision-Making Catherine  O’Donnell, Brian Murphy, Barbara Hunter - VENETIAN ROOM
  4. What helps and what hinders reflective teaching? Discussing results from a collaborative Erasmus+ project  Agnes Simon, Gabriela Pleschová - OCEANIC ROOM
  5. Learning to learn for work in practice. Illustrating the role of reviews and assessment in the development of professional skills  Laurence Pattacini, Hannah Beard - SYRIAN ROOM
  6. Inclusive assessment. Where shall we start?  Ruth Payne - OLYMPIC ROOM 1

13.55 - 14.40 Parallel Session 6

  1. In search of a sense of belonging for online learners  Susie Schofield, Heather Gibson - TITANIC ROOM 1
  2. Students as partners for the enhancement of assessment strategies  Claire McGeough - OLYMPIC ROOM 1
  3. Understanding the development needs of graduate teaching assistants in the UK context  William Rupp - TITANIC ROOM 2
  4. Pastoral Care: The Unsung Hero(es) of Student Experience – Are They Finally Their Due? Usha Sundaram - VENETIAN ROOM
  5. Transitions and Aspirations Kate Swinton - OCEANIC ROOM
  6. Collaborative Retention Project: building blocks for student success  Louise Naylor - SYRIAN ROOM

14.40 - 14.50 Coffee Break - OLYMPIC BAR

14.50 - 15.35 Parallel Session 7

  1. The SEAs of Curriculum Transformation: Student Partners Building Student Partnerships  Dawn Albertson, Karen Angus-Cole, Rob Eaton, Briony Frost, Jo Hatt, Abby Osborne, Tamara Reid, Matthew Dawes, Luke Parr, and Alice Palmer-Ross - TITANIC ROOM 1
  2. Developing all learners through analytics: a collaborative consultative approach to professional development and support  Pauline Rooney, Geraldine Gray, Lee O’Farrell, Kevin C. O'Rourke - TITANIC ROOM 2
  3. The development of personnel and professional teaching in Higher Education - a frontline view of growth, institutional change and opportunity for CPD in outcome-based learning  John Temperton - VENETIAN ROOM
  4. Playing your Cards Right: Introducing a new resource to support the development of disciplinary and professional thinking  Rebecca Thomas, Karen Clark, Joy Jarvis - OCEANIC ROOM
  5. Developing e-communities of practice - Using YouTube as a tool for peer observation and reflective practice  Francine Warren - SYRIAN ROOM
  6. Everybody hurts: collaborative reflection on the experience of receiving feedback as a tool to develop staff and student feedback literacy  Naomi Winstone - OLYMPIC ROOM 1

15.40 - 16.00 Plenary - Interactive Section - OLYMPIC 2&3

16.00 - Depart
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