Supporting staff to meet increasing challenges in Higher and Further Education

15 November 2018 - 16 November 2018

Location: Macdonald Burlington Hotel, Birmingham

Wednesday 14th November 2018
We will be holding our SEDA Fellowship Annual CPD Event the evening prior to the Conference.

Day One

09.15 - 09.45 Registration and tea & coffee - HORTON FOYER/BAR

09.45 - 09.50 Welcome and Introductions - HORTON A

09.50 - 10.10 View from SEDA - HORTON A

10.10 - 11.00 KeynoteDevelopers in a time of challenge and uncertainty  - HORTON A 
Julie Hall, Professor of Higher Education and Deputy Vice Chancellor, Solent University Southampton 

11.00 - 11.25 Coffee Break - HORTON BAR

11.00 - 11.25 New to SEDA? Come and find out more  Clara Davies and Jo Peat (SEDA Co-Chairs) - DINING ROOM

11.25 - 12.10 Parallel Session 1

  1. Learning from Academic Conferences  Celia Popovic and Sue Beckingham - SAPPHIRE SUITE
  2. Taking back 'space': writing the manifesto Judith Broadbent, Clare Gormley, Jo Peat - DINING ROOM
  3. Supporting staff to meet current and future challenges around inclusive curriculum design and leadership  Sarah Wilson-Medhurst - OPAL SUITE
  4. What triggers students' interest during first year university lectures? Sarah Fong, Kathleen M. Quinlan - DRUMMOND SUITE
  5. Meeting the challenge of teaching online  Lindsey Watkin, Esther Jubb - DIAMOND SUITE
  6. Challenges, 'fit' and impact: online/blended CPD provision for staff international partner staff Sally Alsford, Martin Compton, Hannelie du Plessis-Walker, Alice Lau - EMERALD SUITE
  7. Implementing a principled, strategic and enhancement-led institutional approach to programme curriculum development John Dermo, Amina Helal, Calum Thomson, Sean Walton - HORTON A

12.15 - 13.00 Parallel Session 2

  1. Let's have a CHAT about curriculum design: using cultural historical activity theory to analyse the process  Tony BurkeSAPPHIRE SUITE
  2. Exploring the value of taught programmes for teaching in higher education John Bostock, Rachel Forsyth, Peter Gossman, Claire Moscrop, Steven Powell, Jayne Tidd - DINING ROOM
  3. Observation of teaching and learning (OTL) and peer review for professional learning: double down or deviance? Martin Compton - HORTON A
  4. Learning from 'Student Evaluation of Teaching' Mike Cook - OPAL SUITE
  5. It’s Alive: Operationalising the Academic Professional Standard Sandy Cope - EMERALD SUITE
  6. Motivations, outcomes and implications of structured professional development for academic developers - a collaborative approach Mary Fitzpatrick, Fiona O’Riordan, Claire McAvinia, Íde O’Sullivan, Angelica Risquez, Margaret Keane - DIAMOND SUITE
  7. Take one step - a regional approach to raising digital literacy across Higher Education  Angelica Risquez - DRUMMOND SUITE

13.00 - 13.50 Lunch - HORTON B&C

13.50 - 15.20 Parallel Session 3

  1. Supporting effective programme leadership in Higher Education: a National perspective  Rowena Senior, Will Bowen-Jones, Juliet Eve, Rachel Forsyth, Susan Moron-Garcia, Stephen Powell - HORTON A
  2. Navigating perspectives on staff development - or 'Who are we (as educational developers) and what are we doing?'  Sarah Edwards, Sarah King - DINING ROOM
  3. ATLAS: A Model for Mapping to a Professional Development Framework in Ireland  Nuala Harding, Mary Fenton, Moira Maguire, Deirdre McClay, Gina Noonan, Catherine O’Donoghue - EMERALD SUITE
  4. Curriculum as counter-narrative: co-constructing a framework for 'personal knowing' Tansy Jessop, Claire Saunders - OPAL SUITE
  5. Making the 'right' choices of digital tools to support our educational practices: issues and strategies  Sarah Chesney, Peter Hartley - DRUMMOND SUITE
  6. 2 x 45 minute sessions: #ProjectFeedback:Strategies for encouraging greater engagement with feedback  Isobel Gowers AND Making Assessment work John Bostock, Dawne Bell, Claire Moscrop - DIAMOND SUITE
  7. 2 x 45 minutes sessions: "You can't learn to swim by watching YouTube." Developing staff digital capability through immersive online learning  Jonathan Rhodes, Elora Marston, Gemma Witton AND Challenges in supporting staff to make the best use of technology enhanced learning  Julie Voce - SAPPHIRE SUITE

15.20 - 15.40 Break - HORTON BAR

15.45 - 16.45 Keynote - SEDA at 25 - a time to party and plan for the next twenty-five  - HORTON A 
Pauline Kneale, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Teaching and Learning, PedRIO & Educational Development, Plymouth University 

16.45 - 17.30 Networking

Getting Published with SEDA James Wisdom (Chair, SEDA Educational Developments Magazine Editorial Committee) - EMERALD SUITE

Educational Development Initiative of the Year: poster session for shortlisted applicants - HORTON FOYER/BAR

Mindfulness@SEDA Ruth Pilkington - DIAMOND SUITE

19.00 Drinks Reception - HORTON BAR

19.30 Dinner - HORTON B&C

Day Two

09.00 - 09.20 Registration, tea and coffee - HORTON BAR

09.20 - 09.25 Welcome to day 2 - HORTON A

09.25 - 10.20 Educational Development Initiative of the Year Presentations from shortlisted institutions - HORTON A

  • Kingston University - Embedding critical thinking in curricula using a collaborative learning, teaching and assessment approach Hilary Wason
  • Leicester College - The Scholarship Project: Enhancing Scholarship in College Higher Education Gail Hall
  • Manchester Metropolitan University - Creativity for Learning in Higher Education (#creativeHE) Stephen Powell
  • University of Surrey - The Feedback Engagement and Tracking System (FEATS) Naomi Winston and Emma Medland

10.20 - 10.45 Coffee Break - HORTON BAR

10.45 - 12.15 Parallel Session 4

  1. Re-examining ways of assessing reflectiveness. Lessons learnt from a collaborative Erasmus+ project  Gabriela Pleschová, Agnes Simon - OPAL SUITE
  2. Values, emotions and professionalism: an educational humanities approach to supporting staff in challenging times  Kathleen M. Quinlan - HORTON A
  3. Advancing Inclusivity and Citizenship through Change Laboratories - putting theory into practice Alison Robinson Canham - EMERALD SUITE
  4. Who are you and who do you want to be? Sally Brown - DRUMMOND SUITE
  5. Reducing the Attainment Gap: The Impact of Active and Collaborative Learning Strategies  Simon Tweddell, Rebecca McCarter - DINING ROOM
  6. 2 x 45 minutes sessions: The competing pressures of curriculum design in Higher Education: Institutional frameworks, disciplinary contexts, and the student experience Robert Lawson AND Recognising Excellence in Teaching (RET): an evaluation of a pilot mentoring project Janis McIntyre Davidson - DIAMOND SUITE
  7. Walking as a tool for reflective practice  Susannah Quinsee, Anise Bullimore - SAPPHIRE SUITE

12.25 - 13.05 Lunch - HORTON B&C

13.05 - 13.50 Keynote - Learning Technology in Higher Education – challenges and opportunities  - HORTON A
Maren Deepwell, Chief Executive, Association for Learning Technology 

13.55 - 14.40 Parallel Session 5

  1. Towards a professional development framework for leaders of degree programmes  Susan Morón-García, Petia Petrova, Elizabeth Staddon  - DINING ROOM
  2. Educational Development: is this a career for me? Pam Parker, Celia Popovic, Carole Davis, Carolyn Hoessler, Jeanette McDonald, Mandy Frake Mistak, Ellen Sims, Fiona Smart, Denise Stockley - OPAL SUITE
  3. Spreading our wings: supporting research staff and professional services colleagues as they make the transition to HE teaching  Clare Power - SAPPHIRE SUITE
  4. Creating a framework to measure the impact of educational development  Carole Davis, Fiona Denney, Graham Holden, Susannah Quinsee, Sara Reimers - HORTON A
  5. Redesigning staff development programmes to address future challenges of HE  Julia Horn, Alex Standen, Jayne Pearson - DRUMMOND SUITE
  6. Beyond the Tyranny of learning outcomes Phil Race - DIAMOND SUITE
  7. SEDA-PDF: Supporting CPD in HE and beyond What, Why, and How? Jenny Eland - EMERALD SUITE

14.45 - 15.30 Parallel Session 6

  1. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning-led professional development, the student experience, and HE teacher wellbeing and empowerment Jenny Lawrence - HORTON A
  2. Spotlight on inclusive practice - raising the achievement of all Higher Education learners  Sarah Rhodes - DINING ROOM
  3. The North Wind and the Sun: achieving strategic institutional change  Fiona Shelton, Tamsin Bowers-Brown, John Hill - OPAL SUITE
  4. Recognise and Articulate Leadership in Learning and Teaching  Julia Hope, Silvia Colaiacomo - DRUMMOND SUITE
  5. Ideas for learning and teaching: Follow up of graduates from Higher Education teacher education programmes  Jayne Tidd, Peter Gossman, Steven Powell, Rachel Forsyth, John Bostock, Claire Moscrop - DIAMOND SUITE
  6. Creating modules for the digital visual age: Inclusivity, imagery and dyslexic student experiences*  David Roberts - SAPPHIRE SUITE * Please note the title has been updated from 'Creating modules for the digital visual age: inclusive Multimedia Learning teaching and CPD
  7. The precariat makes its voice heard: a module blog as a tool of academic development  Lee-Ann Sequeira - EMERALD SUITE

15.30 - 16.00 Plenary - Interactive Section - HORTON A

16.00 - Depart
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