SEDA Writing Retreat

13 September 2012 - 14 September 2012

Location: Holland House, Cropthorne, Worcestershire

A common frustration for SEDA members is finding quiet time to write for publication. In response to members’ requests this retreat will provide a quiet and beautiful space for new and more experienced writers keen to complete writing for publication or conferences. Set in beautiful gardens on the edge of the River Avon, the black and white timbered Tudor buildings of Holland House offer a ‘safe space’ where you are encouraged to feel at home and gain that dedicated writing time free from the usual distractions with support from a facilitator. Holland House offers unobtrusive hospitality in a unique, homely, and quirky setting. These two days will be about you and your writing. You won’t be interrupted but support will be available as will opportunities to share issues and ideas, including  walks through the local countryside.

The aim of the retreat is to provide an opportunity to complete a piece of writing or conference contribution that is in the development stage. For this reason participants are asked to identify their writing task on registration. Once your place is confirmed you will be asked to submit further details of the proposed project. 

All participants will have their own comfortable but fairly basic room with a bed and desk, some with beautiful views over the River Avon valley. Participants will need to bring a lap top computer. All meals are included and are home-cooked. Holland House has its own small library, meeting rooms for those who want to write in company and a cosy lounge where we can gather in the evening after our meal to talk about our writing. Please be aware that there is limited internet connection with none in the bedrooms.


 Anna Jones is Reader in Education at the Centre for Research in Lifelong Learning at Glasgow Caledonian University.  Before that she worked at King’s College London and at the University of Melbourne.  Her research interests include graduate attributes, disciplinary cultures in higher education, theorising academic development, academic practice, medical education and the role of higher education in society.  She has extensive experience in both teaching and academic development. She has published in a range of journals including Studies in Higher Education, Teaching in Higher Education, HERDSA, IJAD, IETI, London Review of Education, Journal of Further and Higher Education as well as chapters in edited books. While she often finds writing a struggle and spends many days just sitting at her desk kicking the wall, it is something she loves doing and that she finds greatly rewarding.                         

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