SEDA Summer School - Academic Development for the Digital University

The 12th SEDA Summer School for Academic Developers (SSS12)

09 July 2012 - 11 July 2012

This SEDA Summer School is intended for colleagues, whether new or experienced in academic development, who see as part of their role helping their institution to increase and enhance the appropriate use of digital technologies. The Summer School is not primarily about the technologies themselves. Rather it is about the good and critical uses of digital technologies in academic development to support the increasingly digital University.

Participants may work in academic development or learning technology units; as learning and teaching or learning technology coordinators in Faculties or Schools; as liaison between academic development and learning technology; or in other settings and roles where they take some responsibility for helping to enhance academic practice.
Framed by the values, core development outcomes and specialist outcomes of the SEDA Professional Development Framework (SEDA-PDF) ’Staff and Educational Development’ award, described at the end of this programme, the Summer School will help participants to:

• Analyse the opportunities and challenges of their current, and perhaps also their next, role(s) in academic development;
• Develop both conceptual and practical approaches to their own work; and
• Share and test ideas and practices from other developers

All with continuing reference to the contribution of digital technologies to the University and to their own work.

The lead facilitators will be Carole Baume, David Baume and Sue Beckingham

The Summer School involves seminars, workshops, small group and private study, action learning, tutorials and mentoring with experienced academic developers and users of digital technologies in learning and academic development. Participants will be encouraged to work on an academic development project they have brought with them. A brief for this project will be circulated well ahead of time. This project can be a topic, opportunity or problem that is of relevance and importance to each participant at the time.
There will be time to think!

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