17th Annual SEDA Conference

Excellence in Teaching: recognising, enhancing, evaluating and achieving impact

15 November 2012 - 16 November 2012

Location: Aston Business School, Birmingham

Call for Contributions - Now Closed

The November 2012 conference, to be held at Aston Business School Birmingham, will focus on Excellence in Teaching: recognising, enhancing, evaluating and achieving impact. We invite proposals for sessions exploring aspects of excellence in teaching. This brings together many activities across the sector where the focus has been on enhancing the student experience. Whilst many factors contribute to the student experience, teaching is the most significant. We are interested in your strategies to recognise and reward excellent teaching and activities you undertake to enhance teaching. The National Student Survey (NSS) is one approach to gaining some evaluation of teaching but we are keen for you to share your schemes for evaluating and measuring the impact of your excellent teaching.

Session formats
The emphasis should be on reflection, exploration and evaluation rather than merely describing what is happening. It is also a long-standing tradition at SEDA conferences to hold sessions which involve delegates in active participation and discussion, and consequently this is a key requirement of all Discussion paper and Workshop proposals. Proposals for posters, papers and workshops are invited which address the conference themes.

  • Recognition and reward for teaching
  • Activities to enhance teaching
  • Sharing practices and approaches
  • Developing excellent teachers
  • Approaches to evaluating teaching
  • Measuring the impact of excellent teaching  
Workshops: (45 or 90 minutes) with the emphasis on high levels of participation

Discussion papers: (up to 25 minutes plus at least 20 minutes of questions and discussion) giving an account of research, evaluation, policy or practice with the emphasis on drawing out lessons for others and involving participants in engaging with your findings

Posters: the maximum size should be A1. Posters will be available for participants to view throughout the conference. Additionally, there will be a timetabled poster session when presenters should be available to discuss the content with conference participants.  

Submitting your proposal
Proposals should be submitted electronically to SEDA at conferences@seda.ac.uk, using the proposal form , by Monday 30th April 2012. It is normal practice to accept only one contribution per individual so as to provide the opportunity for as many people to contribute as possible. It is a requirement that all presenters register as conference delegates either for the whole event or for the day of their session.

Criteria for acceptance of proposals
Each proposal will be reviewed for acceptance at the conference against the following criteria:
  • Relevance to the conference title and themes
  • Clarity and coherence of the proposal
  • Reflection and evaluation of ideas around the future of educational development, locally, institutionally, theoretically and nationally and internationally
  • Contribution to scholarship and evaluation of educational development in further and higher education
  • Clear opportunities for participants to actively engage in the session, and particularly in workshops to reflect on transferability to their own practice.  
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