3rd Annual SEDA Conference 1998

Creative Pathways to Development

08 December 1998 - 09 December 1998

Location: Manchester

Conference Programme

Day 2 - Wednesday (click here for Day 1)

9.00 - 9.45am

Session V (papers / seminars / workshops)
  • Edward Rosen - Continuing Professional Development for Doctors: a new direction?
  • Matt Levi and Dr Clive Betts - Designing an Accredited Staff Development Framework upon sound CPD Principles and Practice
  • Kate Plumb - Developing Part-Time Continuing Education Tutors
  • Ray Land FSEDA - 'Wise Serpents, Harmless Doves': the practice and strategic role of UK educational developers
  • Bob Matthew and Pete Sayers - (Workshop)Inhibitors to CPD: using Discounting to help problem solving
9.50 - 10.35am

Session VI (papers / seminars / continuation of workshops)
  • Dr David Gosling - Using Portfolios as a Tool for CPD
  • Gill Winfield - Professionals Creating their own Pathways to Development: a study of Professional Bodies and CPD frameworks
  • Anne Brockbank and Dr Ian McGill - Using Reflective Learning for Creative Pathways to Development
  • Dr Susan Jones - Teaching Development: working with London Business School's model of professional development
  • Rakesh Bhanot - The Who, What and Where of CPD
10.35 - 11.00am Coffee
11.00 - 11.55am Plenary Session:
Ranald Macdonald, Co-Chair of SEDA; the Open University
CPD and the Role of SEDA
12.00 - 12.45pm Transactions and Posters
12.50 - 1.40pm Lunch
1.45 - 2.30pm

Session VII (papers / seminars / workshops)
  • Su White - Developing Effective Approaches to CPD
  • Paul Curzon - Progress in Setting up a Virtual HE Teaching and Learning Reading Group
  • Dennis James - (Workshop)Flexible and Contracted Learning on the Web: a methodology for staff development
  • Rakesh Bhanot - (Workshop)"Bullets and Butterflies": a workshop to share activities/exercises related to one's 'picture(s)' of learning and teaching
  • Priscilla Rea and Julian Martin - (Workshop) Professional Education for Higher Education Staff Development: an analysis of some activities which support CPD
2.35 - 3.20pm

Session VIII (papers / seminars / continuation of workshops)
  • Dr Clive Betts and Matt Levi - Recording and Diagnosing Achievement: employing resources that underpin CPD
  • Paul Hughes - Why Bother with Appraisal?
  • Andrew Castley FSEDA - Evaluating a Performance and Development Review System which Promotes CPD
3.25 - 3.40pm Tea
3.45 - 4.30pm Final Plenary Session:
Professor Gus Pennington, Chief Executive of UCoSDA
ILT: Anticipating Lift-Off

Chair: Carole Baume FSEDA, Vice-Chair of SEDA; the Open University

Panel Discussion:
Dr Liz Beaty FSEDA, Co-Chair of SEDA; Coventry University
and Professor Gus Pennington, Chief Executive of UCoSDA

4.30pm Conference Close
Dr Kristine Mason O'Connor - Chair, SEDA Conference Committee


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