3rd Annual SEDA Conference 1998

Creative Pathways to Development

08 December 1998 - 09 December 1998

Location: Manchester

Conference Programme

Day 1 - Tuesday (click here for Day 2)

From 10.00am Registration and Coffee
11.00 - 11.30am Welcome:
Dr Kristine Mason O'Connor - Chair SEDA Conference Committee
Professor Robert F Boucher - Vice Chancellor and Principal UMIST
11.30 - 12.10pm Opening Interactive Keynote:
Professor Phil Race, Programme Director of the University of Durham Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education
Towards Assessing CPD Portfolios
12.15 - 1.00pm

Session I (papers / seminars)
  • Paul Bailey - Rewarding Excellence or Demonstrating Competence: a question of level?
  • David Allen and Chris Slade - CPD and the Development of Teaching Portfolios
  • Sue Browell - A Co-operative Approach to Continuing Professional Development
  • Dr Kate Exley FSEDA and Catherine Haines - Beyond the New Lecturer: motivations to accredit academic practice?
  • Amanda Pill and Sheila Ryan - Who Dares Develops
  • Liz Shrives - Perceptions of Role and How They Influence Attitudes to Accreditation of Teaching and Learning
1.00 - 1.45pm Lunch
1.45 - 2.40pm Keynote Address:
Professor Bob Fryer, New College, University of Southampton
Implementing the Learning Age: meeting the challenge
2.45 - 3.30pm

Session II (papers / seminars)
  • Dr Lorraine Stefani and Professor Lewis Elton - Experience with a CPD Course
  • Crissi Gallagher - Inter-Professional CPD: preparing students for a joint experience
  • Alan Mortiboys and Jon Dudley - Taking Control: using peer support to develop practical teaching
  • Professor John Cowan and Dr Judith George - Evaluating Assessment: policy capturing for a SEDA portfolio scheme
  • Joy Anderson and Catherine O'Connell - From the Periphery to the Mainstream: putting Personal and Academic Development Programmes (PADPs) at the heart of student learning
3.30 - 3.50pm Tea
3.55 - 4.40pm

Session III (papers / seminars / workshops)
  • Steve Collins - Assessing Performance in the Workplace as Part of a CPD System
  • Linda Creanor and Dr Allison Littlejohn - Bridging the Skills Gap in Internet Communication
  • Hazel Fullerton FSEDA - (Workshop)The Rocky Road to Reward and Recognition
  • E C Waterman-Roberts and Val Jones - (Workshop)CPD: A Comparative Framework
  • Richard Dunnill and Vanessa Young - (Workshop)Principles into practice? Two years of developmental CPD activity - how are we doing?
  • Hilary Ferry - (Workshop)Creative Thinking for Lifelong Learners
  • David Jaques FSEDA - (Workshop)Developing Developers: CPD for the 'Dearing Babes'
4.45 - 5.30pm

Session IV (papers / seminars / continuation of workshops)
  • David McNamara and Jane Core - On Making EduLib Redundant: handing over ownership of EduLib to library staff
  • Andrew Castley FSEDA - A Typology of Staff Development for Learning Organisations
5.30 - 7.00pm Transactions
7.15pm Drinks Reception
8.00pm Conference Dinner
  followed by:
Ian Grant, Director and Dean of the Faculty of Learning at the British Aerospace Virtual University
The Personal Benefits of Learning


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