SEDA and SEDA Scotland Conference 2001

Challenge to Change: enhancing the practice and scholarship of learning and teaching

02 April 2001 - 03 April 2001

Location: Glasgow

Conference Programme

Day 2 - Tuesday (click here for Day 1)

9.15 - 10.00am Parallel Session 4
10.15 - 11.00am Parallel Session 5
11.00 - 11.20am Refreshments
11.25 - 12.20pm Keynote Address:
Professor Alistair MacFarlane, Acting Chief Executive, University of the Highlands and Islands
Knowledge, Learning and Technology
12.25 - 1.10pm Parallel Session 6
1.10 - 2.00pm Lunch
2.00 - 2.25pm Transactions / Posters
2.30 - 3.15pm Parallel Session 7
3.30 - 4.15pm Parallel Session 8
4.15 - 4.40pm Refreshments
4.45pm Conference Close and depar

Parallel Sessions 4 (45 and 90 minute sessions)
Tuesday, 9.15 - 10.00am

Presenter(s) Title
Erica McAteer and Sarah Mann Matching Models of Need for Staff Development Programmes
Dr Richard Hall and Derek Harding Aligning Learning, Teaching and Assessment Through the Web
Kyriaki Anagnostopoulou and Michelle Haynes The Fast-Food Approach to Staff Development
Lorraine Stefani FSEDA and Jill Hammond Students with Disabilities: the challenge of diversity
Professor Anthony Brand and Jessica Claridge Valuing the Values: the Jewel in the Crown

Parallel Sessions 5 (45 minute sessions)
Tuesday, 10.15 - 11.00am

Presenter(s) Title
Dr Anne McGillivray, Irene Monaghan and Isobel Kerr Anonymous Marking: what students really think, what staff really feel?
Steve Draper Disciplinary Differences and Generalising about Higher Education
Julie Hall and Andrea Williams Delivering HE in FE: 10 years of franchise collaboration
Plus the continuation of the 90 minute sessions above

Parallel Session 6 (45 minute sessions)
Tuesday, 12.25 - 1.10pm

Presenter(s) Title
Vicki H M Dale Seven Years of CAL in Veterinary Medicine: prognostic factors for success
Geoff Orme Diversity, Enthusiasm and Results
Gordon Suddaby Meeting the Challenge: reflections on a staff development initiative to meet the demands of flexible learning and teaching
Professor Jane K Core and Katherine N Wiles Four Weddings and a Funeral: marrying teachers to C&IT
Melissa Shaw and Pamela Houghton Bringing Employability to the Curriculum: exploiting the synergy afforded by the experience of four externally funded projects within one single institution

Parallel Session 7 (45 minute sessions)
Tuesday, 2.30 - 3.15pm

Presenter(s) Title
Liz Leonard Computer Assisted Assessment as a Support for Students and Staff
Catherine Foster ELEN: supporting change in learning and teaching methods?
Liz Beaty FSEDA and Frances Deepwell Evaluating Major Change in Higher Education: online learning at Coventry University
Crissie White 'Drains into Radiators': managing negative feedback
Paul Martin How Can We Support Teachers Who Challenge Students to
Engage in Transformative Learning?

Parallel Session 8 (45 minute sessions)
Tuesday, 3.30 - 4.15pm

Presenter(s) Title
Carol Higgison, Rachel Harris and Emma Templeton Changing Delivery Systems: the challenge and the solution
Martin Coffey The In-House Evaluation of Initial Training of HE Teachers
Barbara Weightman and Steve Draper Providing Study Skills Training for Social Science Students
Mary McCulloch and Kathy Wiles What Can We Do for You? Enhancing staff development services in Scotland
Dr Peter Cannell and Dr Katla Helgason Issues in Online Student Support

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