SEDA/AISHE Spring Conference 2002

Supporting & Evaluating Change: enhancing the practice & scholarship of learning, teaching and assessment

11 April 2002 - 12 April 2002

Location: Dublin

Conference Programme

Day 2 - Friday 12th April 2002 (click here to view Day 1)

9.30am Parallel Session 4
10.15am Refreshments
10.45am Parallel Session 5 - 90 minute workshops
12.15pm Lunch
1.30pm Parallel Session 6
2.30pm Plenary:
Telling Tales: supporting PBL through building a community of learners
Terry Barrett, Charlene Brasil, Sarah Gibbons, David Kilmartin, Tony Murray and Jenny Osborn, Dublin Institute of Technology
3.30pm Closing address:
Chaired by Barry McMullin - President of AISHE
Dr Michael Woods - Minister for Education, Republic of Ireland
4.00pm Goodbye followed by refreshments


Parallel Session 4 (45 minute sessions)
Friday, 9.30 - 10.15am

Presenter(s) Title Format
Dr James Atherton and Peter Hadfield Simulating and Supporting Change through Action Mazes Workshop
Charlie Daly, Dave Donnellan, Monica Ward and Ray Walshe The Lab Tutor System of a Large Undergraduate Class: the Lab Tutor's perspective Paper
Paula Hodgson Technology Integration in Higher Education: staff development framework Paper
Dr Bill Hutchings and Karen O'Rourke Problem-Based Learning: a new chapter for Literary Studies Paper
Carol McGuinness and C Gibbons Peer Review of Teaching: meanings and methods Paper
Ton Muns HEO-ICT: the structural innovation of the curriculum in Dutch Business Schools Seminar
Dr Elizabeth Santhanam Perceptions of Inclusion in Unit / Course Evaluation Paper
Jan Sellers and Gwen Van der Velden Successful Retention: Part I - Part II Seminar

Parallel Session 5 (90 minute workshops)
Friday, 10.45 - 12.15pm

Presenter(s) Title Format
Dr Moya Conrick Problem Based Learning from the Student's Perspective: solution or aggravation Workshop
Alan Durrant, Barry Jackson and Nicky Torrence The Changing Landscape: route planning for developers Workshop
Professor Judith W George Purpose, Pedagogy and Professionalism: three requisites for integrated staff and curriculum development Workshop
Dr Ray Land, Jan McArthur, Shirley Earl, Dr Liz Elvidge, Dr Charles Juwah and Professor David Ross PROMOTE: alternative ways of fostering educational development in higher education Workshop
Dr Gaye Manwaring and Dr Lorraine Walsh Supporting Learning: choosing models of tutor support Workshop
Bernard McCartan and colleagues Problem Based Learning: the worms' eye view Workshop
Professor Robert Stake Responsive Evaluation Workshop

Parallel Session 6 (45 minute sessions)
Friday, 1.30 - 2.15pm

Presenter(s) Title Format
Vicky Davies and Elaine Courtney Educational Development: a subject-based approach Paper
Jane Fox and Dot Morrison The Introduction of Concept Maps to Support Learning: a case study Workshop
Julie Hills Developing Evidence-Based Activities to Enhance Employability Seminar
Colette Murphy and Mairead Boohan Medics in Primary Schools Seminar
Steve Outram Building a Learning Community: implementing a new learning and teaching strategy Workshop
Dorothy Spiller Conversations for Change: mentoring conversations for induction into an academic career Seminar
Bob Thackwray 'Not Everything That Counts Can Be Counted and Not Everything That Can Be Counted Counts': evaluation of staff development in higher education Semina

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