Developing Leaders Additional Guidance

Specialist Outcomes Indicative Content

Outcome 5
Evidence knowledge of leadership concepts and theory and an ability to analyse their own leadership style, skills and competencies
Participants would be expected to have a grasp of theory and be able to use this to underpin analysis of their own strengths, needs and behaviours in appropriate work-place situations.

Outcome 6
Demonstrate an understanding of the various contexts in which they work and be able to show how this affects leadership decisions at local, institutional, professional, regional and national level, and, where appropriate, internationally
This outcome focuses on the application of leadership in the HE context generally. Participants will typically be expected to demonstrate thinking ‘outside the box’ and the constraints in which they work. Examples might include how decisions on investment in buildings or technology have been made and then implemented – and what effect they have on operational issues, including the day to day management of staff.

Outcome 7
Demonstrate an ability to contribute to the development of corporate objectives by the exercise of vision, strategy, goal settings and ethics on corporate and professional issues and, where appropriate, governance
This outcome requires participants to reflect on corporate issues and management processes, including the planning process. It is expected that all will be involved in some way in planning at a local level – setting objectives, reviewing structures and processes, and performance management (appraisal et al).

Outcome 8
Utilise skills within the workplace affecting and enhancing team performance, development, decision taking, creativity and innovation
This outcome relates to the professional activities and skills which are utilised in leading, or influencing teams. It relates particularly to the ability to nurture, guide and motivate teams and team performance, and to show by example how this has been effective.

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