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Core Mission

SEDA’s core mission is to enable members:

  • To enhance their capabilities in leading and supporting educational change, development and provision
  • To assist the professional development of new and experienced academic staff; staff in learning and teaching support roles; and those involved in special initiatives to enhance and develop learning and teaching across the higher education sector
  • To lead and support improvements in the quality of students’ educational experiences
  • To assist the strategic development of institutions in relation to educational change and development
  • To encourage and support the development and application of greater understanding of the teaching process and the nature of students' learning.


All SEDA activities are underpinned by the SEDA values:

  • An understanding of how people learn
  • Scholarship, professionalism and ethical practice
  • Working and developing learning communities
  • Working effectively with diversity and promoting inclusivity
  • Continuing reflection on professional practice
  • Developing people and processes.

Further Guidance on the SEDA Values.


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