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What is the SEDA Fellowships Scheme?

Who are SEDA Fellowships for?

There are three levels of SEDA Fellowship so whatever your role in supporting and leading educational change, you can gain recognition for your achievements and your own professional development as part of the SEDA community.

What is the SEDA Fellowships Scheme?
  • It will help you develop and improve your practice and have your achievements recognised at various stages of your career
  • It is suitable for people working in a variety of contexts in tertiary education, whether in the UK or elsewhere
  • There are three levels of Fellowship - Associate, Fellowship and Senior Fellowship
  • Holders will be entitled to use AFSEDA, FSEDA or SFSEDA in their title
  • There is a continuing professional development requirement for holders of SEDA Associate Fellowships, Fellowships and Senior Fellowships.

How do I achieve...

...SEDA Associate Fellowship? By engaging in a range of face-to-face/online developmental activities, and producing an annual professional development report and plan.

...SEDA Fellowship? By successfully completing SEDA's online Supporting and Leading Educational Change course.

...SEDA Senior Fellowship? By demonstrating the SEDA outcomes and values via an annotated CV, a 2000 word reflective commentary and a professional development action plan (or equivalent, in each case), and a supporting letter from an independent referee.

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