Principles and Procedures Informing Collaboration Between SEDA and Other Organisations
The purpose of this document, and of the principles and procedures described herein, is to ensure that collaborations between SEDA and other organisations are undertaken with SEDA's full and informed approval, and that such collaborations are to the benefit of SEDA.

  • SEDA seeks out and welcomes appropriate collaborations with other organisations whose goals, values and processes are compatible with those of SEDA.
  • These collaborations may take the form of specific projects or undertakings, or they may take the form of continuing co-operation. Other possible forms of collaboration include grant applications, where the applicant seeks SEDA's involvement. 
  • To be appropriate, the proposed collaboration must: 
  • Be compatible with, and additionally should be supportive to, SEDA's values, strategy and current priorities. 
  • Be based on a clear agreed written statement of any financial implications for SEDA. 
  • Specify who in SEDA and in the collaborating organisation is responsible for the planning, management and administration of the collaboration. 
  • State through which SEDA Committee the collaboration will be reported and monitored.
  • Development of such collaborations will normally be initiated by the appropriate SEDA Committee(s). The co-ordinator for the appropriate SEDA cluster of activities will normally be consulted, and the PRO informed, at an early stage of development. (On those rare occasions where the location within SEDA of responsibility for the collaboration is not clear, the Chair of SEDA must be consulted.)
  • Such agreements must be confirmed by the SEDA Chair, and confirmed by or reported to Executive. 
  • Each such collaboration must be described in an agreement or exchange of letters which confirms the responsibilities of persons holding specified roles and the financial arrangements. This agreement or exchange of letters should be lodged with the SEDA Office. 
  • A statement of these principles and procedures will be published in the SEDA Newsletter and Web site, and will be given to each new member.

David Baume, SEDA PRO
Revised February 1997
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