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Guidance for recognisers on the recognition process

  1. Receive notification from SEDA office of the name and contact details of the programme leader and the other recogniser (where institutional recognition is involved) and of role, i.e. lead recogniser or not. For subsequent recognitions, i.e. new programme with institutional review only, there is no second recogniser.
  2. Contact the other recogniser.
  3. Review the material received from the programme leader - use the SEDA office to chase up if it is not forthcoming.
  4. Communicate with the other recogniser. Work through documents with the other recogniser, in detail . If necessary the lead recogniser will contact the programme leader for clarification and may request additional documentation.
  5. When these issues have been resolved, plan for a recognition visit
  • Decide who you want to meet at the event (e.g. ensure for a new institution that you meet the PVC for learning and teaching or equivalent)
  • Set the timetable - including time for yourself and the other recogniser to meet alone and agree the outcome
  • Send a list of questions to the programme leader to be addressed at the recognition event, negotiated between the two recognisers
  1. Do the recognition.
  2. Write a report with recommendations and conditions, send it to the programme leader to include their own reflections and to send on to SEDA.
  3. Follow up recommendations, if applicable. For subsequent recognitions the recogniser starts from the institutional recognition documents and report.
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