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How does SEDA-PDF work?

In brief, the process for gaining recognition through SEDA-PDF is as follows:

  1. Contact SEDA to discuss whether SEDA-PDF is right for your institution
  2. Complete and return the SEDA-PDF registration form
  3. The SEDA Office appoints a mentor and recognisers to work with you
  4. Make contact with your mentor who will help you to complete the necessary SEDA-PDF documentation
  5. A recognition event attended by the recognisers takes place at your institution
  6. The recognition of your institution and programme is approved by SEDA’s Professional Development Framework Committee, usually for five years
  7. Individuals completing recognised programmes are awarded SEDA-PDF certificates
  8. Your institutional and programme recognition is reviewed every five years.

For a more detailed break down of the process of gaining recognition click here.

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