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For new registrations from 2011 and for existing programmes from 2012, the fee structure has been updated. The main purpose has been to simplify the structure by separating the initial registration fee from the annual fee, and including the cost of the five-year review in the annual fee. In addition, invoicing has been simplified to be annual in January for the coming year.

This restructuring is based on keeping the long term cost of PDF recognition the same as before, while smoothing out the costs year on year. In addition because of rising administration costs, a small increase has then been added (about £50 annually for SEDA institutional members and about £100 for non-members). This is the first increase in PDF fees for many years and SEDA-PDF remains excellent value, being based partly on educational developers volunteering their time. All mentors, recognisers and reviewers are trained, and retrained every two years to ensure a professional service to institutions.

Initial programme registration/recognition
Providing recognition for an institution and one programme under a specific named SEDA award.

For institutional members of SEDA: £1150

For non-members: £1600

The basic fees cover a visit by two recognisers and mentoring support. It does not cover the annual fee following recognition (see below). The travel and other expenses of recogniser(s) in the recognition visit are met by the institution. (Overseas institutions should discuss the need for a visit with the PDF Committee chair, so that costs can be minimised.)

Subsequent programmes
Providing recognition for additional programmes run by recognised institutions.

For institutional members of SEDA: £600 which includes mentor support and the recognition event for one programme but not the recogniser's travel or accommodation expenses.

For non-members: £700
which includes mentor support and the recognition event for one programme but not the recogniser's travel or accommodation expenses.

Where several subsequent programmes are registered at the same time, it may not be necessary to pay a mentor support fee (£300) for each programme. The PDF Committee will make a decision about how much mentor support will be required.

These fees do not cover annual fees following recognition (see below).

Annual fees
This covers continuing institutional and programme recognition and includes the cost of a review every fifth year. A review normally takes the form of an institutional visit by one reviewer. Fees are payable each January following initial recognition.

If recognition occurs part way through the year, upon recognition, institutions will receive an invoice for a partial annual fee to cover the remainder of the current year: for recognitions approved at the February PDF committee, an annual fee is paid for that year; for recognitions approved at the June committee, half an annual fee is paid for that year; for recognitions approved at the November committee, no fee is paid for that year.

Annual fees for institutional members of SEDA
One programme: £448
Two programmes:
Three programmes: £1122
Four or more programmes: £1398

Annual fees for non-members
One programme: £601
Two programmes: £1025
Three programmes: £1405
Four or more programmes: £1741

Institutional membership of SEDA is £1095 annually.

Any travel/accommodation expenses incurred by the mentors, recognisers or reviewers must be covered by the institution; by arrangement.

Discretionary Arrangements  
a) Small institutions/organisations may apply for a reduction of 20% in the applicable charges. Criteria might include staff/student numbers, financial turnover etc. Claims will be considered by the PDF Committee Chair in consultation with relevant SEDA officers. Their decision will be final. Only one 20% discount per institution is allowable.

b) Overseas applications will be dealt with so far as is possible in accordance with the standard fee structure. However, there may be occasions when it would be appropriate to vary process and/or fees. Such cases will be subject to individual negotiation and agreement between SEDA and the institution/organisation concerned. 

For details of the pre-2011/2012 fees
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