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Roll of Honour

Individuals, who have made an exceptional contribution to the work of SEDA, or to staff and educational development generally, may be awarded a place on the SEDA Roll of Honour.

Those currently on the Roll of Honour are: 

  • Carole Baume SFSEDA 
  • David Baume SFSEDA 
  • Dr Liz Beaty
  • Joyce Bell (formerly Barlow)
  • Jill Brookes
  • Professor Sally Brown SFSEDA 
  • Dr John Cowan 
  • Stephen Cox 
  • Professor Patricia Cryer
  • Professor Diana Eastcott 
  • Arnold Goldman
  • Professor Henry Ellington
  • Professor Lewis Elton
  • Professor Bob Farmer
  • Professor Graham Gibbs
  • Trevor Habeshaw
  • David Jacques SFSEDA
  • Ranald Macdonald SFSEDA
  • Professor Phil Race
  • Brenda Smith
  • Dr Brian Smith
  • Joanna Tait
  • James Wisdom

Process for nomination to the SEDA Roll of Honour

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