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How do I Achieve the SEDA Fellowship? (old version)

Note that  the existing SEDA Fellowship is now closed to
new registrations. This information is for information only.

  • To start with complete the registration form and return it to the SEDA office.
  • In order to achieve the SEDA Fellowship you will be expected to produce a portfolio of work for assessment. The portfolio will illustrate and discuss how your work embodies the SEDA values, demonstrates good practice, and shows expertise in one or more specialist topics.
  • You will provide evidence and a reflective commentary (including reference to the relevant literature) in your portfolio to demonstrate the Fellowship outcomes.
  • To assist you, SEDA will provide you with a mentor (an existing Fellowship holder) as well as an invaluable handbook.
  • Following submission of the portfolio you will attend an interview.
  • Assessment and interview are carried out by existing Fellowship holders.
  • You will have the opportunity to attend Fellowship support days and the annual SEDA Summer School both of which will help you to complete the Fellowship.
  • After achieving the Fellowship you will be entitled to use the letters FSEDA after your name.
  • In order to maintain your Fellowship, you will be required to participate in an annual continuing professional development (CPD) process which can be linked to the requirements of other professional bodies.
  • As a Fellowship holder you will be given the chance to give back to the scheme through mentoring and assessing.
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