Associate Fellowship (AFSEDA)

Who is it for? 
Associate Fellowship of SEDA (AFSEDA) is designed for SEDA members (individual or associate) who have some involvement in academic development. This might include people in roles such as early career academic developers, departmental learning and teaching co-ordinators, and others such as learning support staff and those involved in substantial projects or change initiatives. It is a developmental stage on the path towards achieving the Fellowship of SEDA.

Registering for Associate Fellowship 
Associate Fellowship is achieved by registering on the scheme and engaging in a range of face-to-face and/or online developmental activities. Examples of other relevant activities are attending SEDA conferences, workshops or taking the SEDA online workshop

Please email if you wish to register for Associate Fellowship.

CPD Requirement
At the end of your first year of registration, you should write a brief report of c.1000 words (or equivalent if using a non-text format) following these three headings:

  1. How you have demonstrated the SEDA values in your practice
  2. Activities you have undertaken which were developmental in relation to your work supporting educational and academic change
  3. Whether you would like to progress to SEDA Fellowship via registering for the Supporting and Leading Educational Change online course.

We expect Association Fellowship holders to progress to full SEDA Fellowship within two years. Please send your report to the SEDA Office ( when it is complete.

How Much Does it Cost? 
Recurrent annual cost = £30 (Associate Fellowship fee) + £110 (Individual Membership of SEDA) OR £72 (Associate Membership of SEDA).

There is a register of all categories of Fellowship holders on the SEDA website.

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